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Are you tired of cookie-cutter solutions to your unique challenges?

Free 30-Day 1-on-1 Mentoring Program

Looking to find the shortest path to your most important goals? If so, I invite you to sign up for my free 30-day private one-on-one mentoring program below.

People turn to me to:

  • solve difficult personal & leadership challenges
  • become great public speakers
  • improve their personal health & performance
  • launch, grow, and raise money for any kind of enterprise
  • and much more...

Whether you're working on a personal goal or bringing together others around your unique vision, I will guide you to achieving results fast based on my own lifetime of relevant experience.

I believe that the most important thing that I can to do to help make the world a better place for me and my children is to mentor as many people as I can on how to have great lives and be great leaders.

When I started on my leadership journey in 1983, I had a lot of trouble finding mentors who could truly understand my challenges and help me pioneer new solutions for long-standing and seemingly intractable issues.

Now, I want to give back by sharing my hard-earned secrets derived from over 40 years in business, politics, and finance with you!

Start your free 30-day 1-on-1 mentoring program today!

I will personally mentor you 1-on-1 via live calls and email, providing you with fully-custom, step-by-step instructions on how to achieve your specific goals.

There is no cost or obligation to work with me for the next 30 days. You can quit at any time for any reason without notice.

After completing your free program, you can continue to receive the same level of personal mentoring from me going forward by joining my Donor community at the rate of $1.00 per month or more within 7 calendar days of the end of your free program.

Recurring donations from continuing participants and the general public allow me to mentor anyone who aspires to leadership regardless of their ability to pay.


What people are saying about my mentoring...

  • Guy Duperrault - Writer & Yogi

    I met Mark for the first time by chance in a coffee shop. I told him that I was working on becoming a professional writer. He asked me a few questions, gave me one suggestion, and less than twenty-four hours later I officially became a professional writer with my first paid subscriber on Substack.

    Following Mark's guidance, I also held my first paid yoga retreat, and gained my first paid life-coaching client.

    With Mark's discernment and integrity, he helped me to see and understand my internal psychological and/or spiritual money blockages. Then, with well-practiced and honed tools, he empowered and then helped me to clear them.

    What he gave me was total money freedom: I became free from old stories that had monetarily imprisoned me. Now I have begun to tangibly grow my financial freedom and with it the expansion of my writing and yogic practices into true professional expressions of joy and love.

  • Ama Kambon - Co-Founder, Nkwa Dua

    My business works to improve the image of vegan food, inspire more kids, save animals, and create more plant-based people in Ghana and Africa.

    Mr. Winstein has been a tremendous guiding force during a challenging time for my business, including short term goals of improving my services and my long term goals for creating a community center to teach young girls in the community valuable skills.

    As we've moved to 2024, we've come to the need for insight and professional support, and we wouldn't be where we are now if it hadn't been for him.

    I recommend that any entrepreneur seeking assistance for their own business should definitely invest their time into it, as his service is absolutely invaluable.

  • Emily Patrick - Social Impact Marketer

    Mark is excellent at quickly identifying underlying issues and providing powerful, concise advice on how to move forward.

    As a foreigner living in another country, I had been conflicted over the mixed impacts I might be having on locals.

    Talking to Mark helped me make peace with what I can control as an individual versus the larger forces that are out of my hands. While speaking with Mark, I felt a sense of calmness and relaxation that I had never experienced before.

    Now, I’m better able to focus on my work in the social good space and on what I can do to have a net positive impact on my local community.

  • Jeffrey Harris - CEO of Green Venture Advisory, Co-Founder of Plant Power Fast Food

    In my journey as an advisor and consultant to companies and teams in the plant-based and sustainability sectors, Mark Winstein has been an invaluable mentor and guide. Mark's input been instrumental in expanding my perspective on the impact that various capitalization models may have on a company’s long term expansion strategy.

    His insights have helped me to more deeply grasp the interplay between our current economic system and the unique challenges faced by both start-ups and companies poised for growth. Through our discussions, I've come to appreciate how traditional funding models often overlook vast pools of available capital and in doing so may hinder the potential of many important innovative ventures. Moreover, Mark has a clear grasp on how these conventional models can inadvertently erode a company's moral and ethical foundations through short-sighted exit strategies.

    What sets Mark apart is his ability to envision alternative paradigms for capitalization and growth that are rarely considered in traditional circles. His innovative approach challenges the status quo and encourages a reevaluation of how we understand both the role of capital and methods of capitalization in potentially world-changing business endeavors. 

  • Aki Kaltenbach - Founder / CEO of Save Da Sea Foods Inc.

    Mark was incredibly helpful in pushing me to think bigger around the story I was telling investors and helped me refine my pitch to plant-based investors, which ultimately lead to me closing my pre-seed raise within weeks of his coaching.

  • Leticia Galicia - Founder, Centli Ecotienda

    I founded Centli Ecotienda to offer the people of the capital of Oaxaca, Mexico, healthy lifestyle options by expanding the distribution of local, organic foods and other sustainable products from small producers in the state.

    I felt overwhelmed by the idea of ​​starting a business in such a competitive and ever-growing market. Mark helped me organize my original action plan into small, doable steps that I am confident will get us to our goal.

    Thanks to his mentoring, we are working to generate a positive impact for 30 farming families and are committed to reducing the use of plastic as part of our policy of minimizing environmental impact.

    Mark's mentoring is essential to the social impact entrepreneurship we are promoting. I am grateful for his support and guidance and excited for the road ahead.

  • Tony Aziz - Co-Founder, Heart Core Hotels

    Heart Core Hotels is the world's first collection of entirely plant based hotels. After our first hotel in Hawaii became self-sustaining, I sought out Mark's guidance on how finance our global plan.

    Mark taught me about financial design, how to raise capital, and the difference between venture capital funds and the kinds of investors we'd need to engage to achieve our goals.

    While we ended up using traditional bank financing to buy our second property, I would enjoy working with Mark again if we ever need to raise outside capital.

  • Sarah Hawley - Author & Founder, Gromotely

    Mark came into my life at a time of real stress and struggle. My startup was failing, and so was my mental health.

    He immediately helped me gain a handle on my inner world so I could focus again on my business and make more grounded and sound decisions.

    I’m grateful for his support and guidance and the shifts created in my life through his sharing of wisdom, experience and practical tools.

  • Luca Peters - Researcher & Project Manager - Climate Action, Land & Water Management, International Development

    Mark has provided invaluable support and advice regarding my goal to work in environmentally-beneficial food systems.

    One key piece of advice was to avoid working without proper compensation. At the time, I had taken on a task for a minimal fee from an organization that promised more work once they secured funding. After five months, no funding materialized, and I hadn’t pursued other opportunities. I wish I had followed Mark’s advice sooner.

    Additionally, Mark guided me through the job application process, likening it to a sales process. He explained the importance of making people curious about what I know without revealing everything upfront. His insights into how the world works have been enlightening.

    I highly recommend Mark as a coach and mentor.

  • Yesenia Luciano - Biologist

    Speaking in public is a topic that for many of us means an unsatisfactory emotion which produces anxiety and a lot of nervousness. Not everyone has the ability to stand in front of an audience and express themselves, but fortunately or unfortunately, no one escapes that today in the professional work world.

    Personally, it is a topic that has cost me and continues to cost me to this day. Luckily I met Mark with whom I practiced, and he taught me some relaxation and tranquility techniques that help me a lot and I continue to practice them, techniques that anyone can apply and help a lot to calm the mind and emotions.

  • Roland Schwarcz

    I am building a business aimed at helping people at the lower end of the economic ladder lift themselves out of poverty. I did this for myself and want to help others.

    But I was feeling a lack of motivation. I signed up for Mark's 30-day mentoring program in the hope of truly understanding "why", my reason to go for my goals.

    First, I didn't know what to expect. Second, I was skeptical. But thanks to Mark's guidance, I gained the clarity I was seeking.

    It was great to communicate with someone who listens, asks questions and replies based on my answers.

    I gained a real sense of possibility during our conversations. Like, "I can really do this. I can make the impossible possible."

    Now, my "why" is clear. Since working with Mark, I have done more than before. I made huge progress, and my focus and determination are high.

  • Mahima Purohit

    I had the privilege of working with Mark during my stint at Vegan Launch, and it was truly a rewarding experience.

    It's rare to find a mentor who works with you to identify your strengths and creates a work culture that encourages immense learning and personal growth.

    Mark is an ocean of knowledge and his rich business and life experiences can be invaluable for anyone seeking guidance. His clarity of thought and optimistic outlook can really help gain perspective and clear the path forward.

Want to break free from the online guru hype cycle?

If you're looking for solutions for your life and work, you've probably come across a lot of online gurus. And they are offering more free information and online courses than ever!

But how helpful are all of those things? Do you really know if any of them will work? And how much time and money will it cost just to find out if you made the right choice?

Most online teachers these days know a little secret...

99% of their students will never even do their first assignment. So, they give away something for free to get you on their email list. Then they flood your inbox with information and upsells. Suddenly you're overwhelmed.

Eventually, a few determined people will climb the guru's sales pyramid and finally get the personal attention they were seeking from day one.

Or maybe you sign up for their "entry level" course. Perhaps you even start doing some of the lessons. But soon you hit a snag.

Because you have your own unique challenges and understandings. Your individual situation might not be addressed in the course!

You want help with your exact issue, but the guru only works one-on-one with big ticket clients. How can you get the personal attention you need without spending piles of cash?

Like other gurus, I also know that 99% of the people who register for my free one-on-one mentoring program won't take even the first step toward fulfilling their dreams.

And I'm fine with that, because I'm using this fact to YOUR advantage!

I'm not going upsell you on anything because my free one-on-one mentoring is already my most valuable program!

It's crazy, but most online gurus don't understand the full value they can produce for their committed clients. Even with $50,000 per hour private sessions, they often miss the opportunity to be compensated relative to the value they create with their guidance.

While we're at it, let's also consider Venture Capital investors. They typically reject 500 business founders for every one business that they fund! All of those losing pitch decks end up in what they call "the slush pile".

Most VC investors and online gurus are constantly pushing the slush-pile people away in order to focus on recruiting clients who are willing to pay top dollar while they say "no" to everyone else.

Even famous charities work the same way. If you make a small donation, you have unwittingly enrolled in an endless upsell cycle. Because 90% of most charities' revenue typically comes from the top 10% of their members.

Are you starting to see the pitfalls of a business model which treats people like some kind of raw ore from which the enterprise hopes to extract a few nuggets of gold?

I have never followed this business model because when it comes to peace-based leadership and a sense of personal fulfillment, that person who seems like the biggest failure today can suddenly emerge as a success. And every time that happens, that person's new perspective improves the lives of everyone around them.

I have always known that the real gold is in the slush pile, not the nuggets! My personal experience is that most would-be leaders and entrepreneurs just need a little TLC from me to blossom into their full potential.

I care about giving everybody a chance and not just chasing proven winners because I used to be one of those slush-pilers who just didn't get it.

I didn't know how to get into the winner's circle. My ideas didn't fit the mold. Nobody knew where I belonged in their system. I couldn't find a "one-size-fits-all" success playbook that worked for me.

Instead, I slogged, and improvised, and put together my personal puzzle one slow, painful piece at a time!

But you don't have to slog anymore!

After you sign up for my free 30-day one-on-one mentoring program, you'll get an email with a very small task.

If you do that first simple task and keep doing the bespoke assignments I give you step by step, I know that you'll be in the winner's circle soon enough, whether or not you match anybody else's success template, because together, we will build a success roadmap exclusive to you alone!

Since most people will just drop off on their own, I'm happy to offer my "platinum" personal mentoring to everybody. The real winners will make themselves known by their actions, not by the size of their bank balance!

I promise that if you do the homework that I design specifically for your unique life situation and goals, you will soon create so much value for yourself and others that money will hardly be a concern for either of us!

I want to help anybody who wants to lead jump to the next level so that they can each contribute in their own way to creating a true peace-based economy, whether that means growing a happier family or growing a huge enterprise!

That's why my big goal is not how much money I can extract from a few elite clients, but how many people I can help fulfill their life's dreams?

How many people can I help get past their one unique stuck point so that they can stand on their own two feet, with or without me? The idea of helping people grow and succeed as leaders has driven me my whole life.

So, here is my plan...

If you are willing to do my easy, custom-for-you assignments, soon we'll be working side by side, not mentor and protege, but as true partners. And I am eagerly looking forward to that day!

Why am I providing free one-on-one mentoring?

In 1980, I had a vision of how to create a truly peace-based economy, and I have pursued that vision ever since.

This impossible goal led me to seek mastery of three major leadership fields: business, politics, and finance, as well as my own body, mind, and spirit.

Along the way, I spent tens of thousands of dollars to get the kind of mentoring and training that today allows me to provide rapid, extreme benefits for others as they pursue their own dreams.

I was motivated to pay for so much training because of all the hard crashes and disappointments I endured attempting to accomplish my dreams.

I discovered that I could make dramatic improvements with crazy speed by learning from great teachers instead of trying to figure everything out by myself.

But I was already nearly 40 years old before I got my first taste of the power of real mentoring. In hindsight, I realized I'd squandered 95% of my energy and resources.

Today, I want to help you accomplish your own vision without the struggles and wasted time I experienced.

You might not feel ready to trust me. Perhaps you think that you can't afford to pay what my mentoring would truly be worth in your life.

But don't worry! I don't want any of these concerns to prevent me from being of service to you. That's why I'm giving you 30 days of one-on-one mentoring for free.

So, if you're ready to move beyond what you think is possible and what you can accomplish by trial and error, I invite you to sign up for my free 30-day mentoring program and get a solid taste for yourself what we can achieve by working together!

Mark Winstein

About Me

I started my first environmental business in 1983 at age 23. My company saved clients millions of dollars worth of water and energy. In 1990, I co-founded a native forest protection NGO in Washington DC that went on to reverse a devastating federal policy affecting the entire US National Forest Service. The environmental policies I and others helped create during this time led to new business opportunities in ecosystem protection and restoration.

In 2001, I embarked on a journey to master finance to grow ecologically-beneficial companies via broad public investor participation and activism. Since then, I have learned and also invented unique financial strategies that can benefit any business founder or project leader.

In 2007, I wanted to express my artistic side, and invented and started selling the world's lightest and most compact trifold wallet. That business provided me with a tragicomic but comprehensive education in manufacturing, distribution, and selling to big retailers. My fans have inspired me to keep going through thick and thin, and now, years later, the company is running better than ever!

In 2016, I went vegan for my health. The transformation led me to focus my financial and political expertise on the vegan movement which today is working to protect the rights and health of everything I care about: animals, people, and ecosystems.

In 2023, I felt it was time to expand my focus and start mentoring all types of people (not just vegans) on how to achieve their personal and leadership goals.

I believe that if more people follow their dreams, the world will naturally become more peaceful and take care of itself. If you are following your dreams, I would love to help you achieve them!