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Free 30-Day Private Mentoring Program

Are you looking to find the shortest path to your most important personal or leadership goals? If so, I invite you to sign up for my free 30-day private mentoring program below.

People turn to me to:

  • solve difficult personal & leadership challenges
  • become great public speakers
  • improve their personal health & performance
  • launch, grow, and raise money for any kind of enterprise
  • and much more...

Whether you're working on a personal goal or bringing together others around your unique vision, I will guide you to achieving results fast based on my own lifetime of relevant experience.

I believe that the most important thing I can to do to help make the world a better place for me and my children is to mentor as many people as I can on how to have great lives and be great leaders.

When I started on my leadership journey in 1983, I had a lot of trouble finding mentors who could truly understand my challenges and help me pioneer new solutions for long-standing and seemingly intractable issues.

Now, I want to give back by sharing my hard-earned secrets derived from over 40 years in business, politics, and finance with you!

Start your free 30-day private mentoring program today!

I will personally mentor you via email and provide fully-custom, step-by-step instructions on how to achieve your specific goals. Live calls may be included where beneficial.

There is no cost or obligation to work with me for the next 30 days. You can quit at any time for any reason without notice.

During the free 30 days, you will discover if my mentoring is right for you. If you want to continue making progress after that, we'll design a mutually-beneficial agreement together that fits your budget.


  • Guy Duperrault - Writer & Yogi

    I met Mark for the first time by chance in a coffee shop. I told him that I was working on becoming a professional writer.

    He asked me a few questions. From my answers, he gave me one suggestion, and less than twenty-four hours later I officially became a professional writer with my first paid subscriber on Substack.

    Following Mark's guidance, I also held my first paid yoga retreat, and gained my first paid life-coaching client.

    With Mark's discernment and integrity, he helped me to see and understand my internal psychological and/or spiritual money blockages. Then, with well-practiced and honed tools, he empowered and then helped me to clear them.

    What he gave me was total money freedom: I became free from old stories that had monetarily imprisoned me. Now I have begun to tangibly grow my financial freedom and with it the expansion of my writing and yogic practices into true professional expressions of joy and love.

  • Emily Patrick - Social Impact Marketer

    Mark is excellent at quickly identifying underlying issues and providing powerful, concise advice on how to move forward.

    As a foreigner living in another country, I had been conflicted over the mixed impacts I might be having on locals.

    Talking to Mark helped me make peace with what I can control as an individual versus the larger forces that are out of my hands. While speaking with Mark, I felt a sense of calmness and relaxation that I had never experienced before.

    Now, I’m better able to focus on my work in the social good space and on what I can do to have a net positive impact on my local community.

  • Aki Kaltenbach - Founder / CEO of Save Da Sea Foods Inc.

    Mark was incredibly helpful in pushing me to think bigger around the story I was telling investors and helped me refine my pitch to plant-based investors, which ultimately lead to me closing my pre-seed raise within weeks of his coaching.

Mark Winstein

About Me

I started my first environmental business in 1983 at age 23. My company saved clients millions of dollars worth of water and energy. In 1990, I co-founded a native forest protection NGO in Washington DC that went on to reverse a devastating federal policy affecting the entire US National Forest Service. The environmental policies I and others helped create during this time led to new business opportunities in ecosystem protection and restoration.

In 2001, I embarked on a journey to master finance to grow ecologically-beneficial companies via broad public investor participation and activism. Since then, I have learned and also invented unique financial strategies that can benefit any business founder or project leader.

In 2016, I went vegan for my health. The transformation led me to focus my financial and political expertise on the vegan movement which today is working to protect the rights and health of everything I care about: animals, people, and ecosystems.

In 2023, I felt it was time to shift my focus again, and started mentoring people of all types and interests on how to achieve their personal and leadership goals.

I believe that if more people follow their dreams, the world will naturally become more peaceful and take care of itself. If you are following your dreams, I would love to help you achieve them!

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