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A Mentor for Leaders

Hi, I'm Mark Winstein. I provide private one-on-one mentoring and free online classes for anyone wishing to increase their ability to achieve results in life. I will help you expand your leadership capacity to access the shortest path to your most important goals.

People turn to me for guidance on strategic planning, public speaking, business and non-profit design, raising money, changing government policies, improving personal health, and more.

In general, I like to assist people who are working in the following areas because most of my own life has been dedicated to addressing these challenges:

  • Protecting and restoring native terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
  • Ending pollution of our land, water, and air
  • Creating pedestrian and bicycle friendly cities
  • Growing the plant-based economy and plant-based wellness solutions

I teach peace-based leadership approaches that benefit all stakeholders. My mentoring allows you to move beyond unconscious, conflict-based strategies so that you can achieve unprecedented results.

Whether you wish to open a small local business or grow a global enterprise, you will benefit by working with a mentor who can guide you based on a lifetime of relevant experience.

Mark Winstein

About Me

In 1980, at age 20, I envisioned that business and finance would eventually replace NGO’s in leading efforts to protect and restore ecosystems, end waste and pollution, and improve the health of humans and all living beings. This vision is now being understood and accepted by more and more people.

I started my first environmental business in 1983 at age 23. My company saved clients millions of dollars worth of water and energy. In 1990, I co-founded a native forest protection NGO in Washington DC that went on to reverse a devastating federal policy affecting the entire US National Forest Service. The environmental policies I and others helped create during this time led to new business opportunities in ecosystem restoration.

In 2001, I embarked on a journey to master finance to grow ecologically-beneficial companies via broad public investor participation and activism. Since then, I have learned and also invented unique financial strategies that can benefit any business founder or project leader.

In 2016, I went vegan for my health. The transformation led me to focus my financial and political expertise on the vegan movement which today is working to protect the rights and health of everything I care about: animals, people, and ecosystems.

The vegan business and finance movement provided a great proving ground for my ideas. In 2023, I felt it was time to expand my scope. While I hope that everyone will one-day go vegan for their own benefit, I see that progress can be made on all of the things I care about at the same time by not waiting for that to happen and helping everyone I can accomplish their dreams now.

This shift in perspective allows me to serve every leader working to build the type of world I want for myself and my children, while educating a larger audience about the wide-ranging benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

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