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30-Day Free Mentoring Program Ground Rules

Please read and follow these instructions carefully

Thank you again for requesting to be in my 30-Day Free Mentoring Program. I sent you to this page because I feel confident that you can get great benefits by working with me. This is a true one-on-one, individualized mentoring program. 

To help you get the best possible results, I require that you agree to the Ground Rules below. Once you submit the Ground Rules Agreement Form, you'll receive an automated email with some simple housekeeping tasks. From there on, all interactions and assignments will be 100% personal and custom to you.

Being Coachable

Being a leader as well as powerfully addressing almost any life challenge has a lot to do with our internal "state". Commonly known states include being happy, being sad, being inspired, etc.

Part of the art of leadership is being able to access what I call your "Leader State". It is a highly creative state that allows us to take action, even in the absence of sufficient information. Everyone has the Leader State inside of them, but often people don't know how to access it.

The words we say emanate from our current state and change when our state changes. This is easy to observe in others. I have also discovered that by simply saying words that reflect the Leader State, you can instantly access that state inside of you.

Because of this phenomenon, part of being coachable means allowing me to interrupt word flows that reflect your current state so that I can then quickly guide you to your Leader State.

To understand more about what being coachable means to me and prepare yourself to get the most out of my mentoring, please watch this short video before agreeing to the Ground Rules.

Ground Rules

  1. You have watched the short video above and agree to be coachable.
  2. You agree that there is no warranty regarding any outcomes.
  3. You accept 100% responsibility for your participation and any actions you take as a result of my guidance.
  4. You agree to hold me and my company harmless for any and all outcomes that occur directly or indirectly as a result of working with me as your mentor.
  5. Your free program will end at midnight 31 calendar days after the date you submit the Ground Rules Agreement Form.
  6. After your free 30-day program ends, you can continue to receive personal mentoring from me by joining my Donor community for $1.00 or more per month within 7 days of the end of your free program.

By submitting the Ground Rules Agreement Form, you agree to receive administrative emails and occasional content for the benefit of all participants in the program. You can unsubscribe at any time. You will not be added to my general email marketing list.

Mark Winstein