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While mentors and coaches seek out the highest-paying clients that they can attract, I have always focused on serving those who have the strongest desire to lead, regardless of their ability to pay, because I was once one of those aspiring leaders myself.

In our globalized economy, there are still vast economic disparities. Even in western countries, high-value services like mentoring are usually priced far out of reach of most people. Few emerging leaders can afford to pay amounts commensurate the results I can help them achieve.

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Help me subsidize the costs to mentor leaders of any economic status.

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If I were to restrict my mentoring to only wealthy individuals, I would miss the opportunity to serve some of the most promising leaders with the most creative projects on earth.

This is why I am asking for your help...

The main thing that differentiates leaders from everyone else is desire. And I am willing to mentor any student who has the drive to do my assignments, regardless of their ability to pay the market rate for my guidance.

I do this because my mentoring can save emerging leaders decades of wrong turns and heartbreak while I guide them to the sustainable income they need to stay on the forefront and solve our most challenging issues.

After over four decades of solving difficult leadership and personal challenges, creating unprecedented results and demoralizing failures, and spending tens of thousands of dollars for the best business and leadership training I could find, I have become the kind of mentor for others that I was seeking for myself since founding my first environmental business in 1983.

A new funding approach for emerging leaders

Every leader and business founder needs enough recurring personal income to have the freedom to build a movement or launch a new enterprise from scratch.

Finding ways to cover my personal expenses during my own project launches has been one of the biggest challenges I've faced in a lifetime of building peace-based businesses and NGO's.

But from all of those struggles, I discovered over and over again that a lot of people are willing to support a compelling vision, even from the very earliest stages of development.

The more leaders we can support from their first expression of their goals, the more we can create a true balance between top-down and grassroots responsibility in the world.

Donate any amount, monthly

On this page, I am demonstrating the new plug and play, recurring funding system that I developed for leaders. This technology makes it simple for people almost anywhere in the world to gather the basic recurring income they need to launch and grow their projects from initial idea to self-sustaining positive cash flow.

With this new recurring payment system and my free one-on-one mentoring, emerging leaders can start organizing their communities, raising capital, building companies, running for office, and so much more within a few weeks instead of wasting precious time at irrelevant jobs or racking up debt to cover their most essential costs.

By allowing anyone to donate any amount on a recurring basis, people starting with nothing but a clear goal can quickly gain the monthly support they need in order to focus entirely on turning their visions into reality.

Can you help me fulfill my own vision?

If you are inspired by my personal goal of mentoring leaders regardless of their financial capacity, could you please help me subsidize my costs to do this by making a recurring donation of any amount today?

With your support, I will be able to mentor a lot more emerging leaders and business founders so that they can help take care of the myriad issues needing our attention and loving care today.

Yours truly,

Mark Winstein

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